Friday, May 23, 2008

Fasting prevents jet lag

According to an article in Reuters published yesterday, US researchers found that fasting may prevent jet lag. Going without food for approximately 16 hours could change the body's circadian clock and help global travelers quickly adjust to new time zones.
In lab tests, these researchers from Harvard Medical School found that mice could override their body clocks when it improved their chances to find food. So when it was time for the mice to sleep, that was when they were fed and the mice were able to adjust their sleeping and waking times in order to get the food.
All mammals have a gene that regulates the body's clock that determines sleeping, eating, and waking. And the researchers believe that when there is no food, the body's clock can be manipulated and changed. Hence, they believe that if people fast on an international flight, they will be able to shift their body clock to the destination's clock.
Considering that the costs of flying are increasing, perhaps airlines will soon be charging for rewarmed heavy carb meals. So now you have a good reason to pass on the chicken or the beef.

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